We drink because....

......we WANT TO DRINK! In AA we find that an alcoholic will drink for ANY reason, simply because we are alcoholics. We don't need a reason. I always found it interesting that I would use an excuse when I drank/relapsed..the economy, pressure at work, marital problems, family issues. When I looked at it closely I also drank when I closed a deal, I was happy, the economy was good, my family was great!!! So the real reason is we drink because we want to..and in AA it is easiest to accept that, then we dont have to "find a reason" or "wonder why we drank". When we accept we drink because we have a disease, the world of recovery becomes that much easier...

Today I am grateful for:
  • Starting to see a new therapist. This comes at a great time, because usually the holidays bring me way down.
  • My daughter and wife and the joy they have together.
  • My wife keeping my daughter on track to be potty trained.
  • Somehow God keeping me on track when I feel so off track..
  • Ammends and the freeing feeling I get when I apologize sincerely!