Pause, react...

The best thing I can do for myself is to slow down, pause, then react. Drunk, sober, clean or not it is a lesson everyone can learn. Usually our initial reaction to something or someone is emotionally charged, therefore leaving us to react in an emotional way. The reality, however, is if we take a moment and breathe, and God willing, think about our reaction we can have a more positive experience. It is human nature to protect ourselves, emotionally and physically, in any way possible. Therefore, we react as such. Self is first. If we slow down and think about the situation and circumstances, we find that we react with others in mind first, and that is what our Higher Power would have us do.

Trust God, Clean House, and Help Others.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My daughter and her special smiles.
  • A little bit of financial security.
  • Letting go of petty differences.
  • My wife's trust as I get ready to go away for a couple of days for work stuff.
  • The little voice that can calm me down and help me understand that waiting is better.


  1. Thank you! This post runs strait to my heart!

  2. I like the little voice, when I listen.

  3. I often find that i am able to pause with those I care the least about...leaving those I love the most to have to listen to my nonsense. That doesn't seem to make any sense. I'll work on that.