Sitting in discomfort....

At a meeting today a person spoke of doing his personal inventory. He said it was taking so long because after 25 minutes he had to stop because of the shame, guilt, pain etc...Since this is a crosstalk meeting, I politely challenged him and said "that is what the program is about, sitting in those feelings, feeling them and changing. If we don't do that we are covering up our feelings with something other than alcohol."
That is the point of this program, and becoming a better person in general. No one wants to admit that they did things which are so awful most normal folk would cringe. Or discover our feelings that hurt. The goal is to really FEEL what that is like, and then get rid of that feeling. To get a paradigm shift we must sit in our feelings, get through them and grow. That is the only way to grow in life, to confront. The more we shut the door and ignore the worse things are.
I pray I can confront things that are coming up in my inventory, both daily and my inventory from my past. Thanks to this program, I believe I can...

Today I am grateful for:
  • Not shutting the door on my past.
  • A 10th step inventory with my wife yesterday that helped us discover why we were "irritated" at one another.
  • My loving daughter.
  • My meeting showing me that we all need to grow, no matter what.
  • That by the Grace of God....


  1. If we don't sit and FEEL, we don't really live it. Good post.

  2. I had to get used to feeling feelings. It was uncomfortable at times. I have never been to a crosstalk meeting, one where it is encouraged. Fascinating to me.