Restless, Irritable and discontent...

These three words describe every alcoholic at some point. These can also describe every alcoholic who is not in recovery, even if they are not drinking. I found myself that way this morning, as the traffic was backed up for no reason, and it was going to make me late for my meeting. Then as I arrived at the meeting, really no regulars were there, leaving me to a strange meeting basically. My mind kept racing, wanting to leave, what good was this going to do me...etc...and basically pissed off. As I listened to the speaker, he talked about an antibiotic he is on that makes his fuse short and he is irritable. I paused and then a relief came over me, that pill used to be alcohol for me. It made me irritable, restless and discontent. Today I can overcome those feelings by working the program. So I paused, cleared my head and reset for the day right in the middle of my favorite meeting. Good thing I did, because there were some great shares, and I reconnected with a guy I met a while ago in the rooms. Point being, we don't need to have these feelings or act on them. We don't have to be restless, irritable and discontent anymore. We can be free of those feelings....thank God....

Today I am grateful for:
  • Our local carnival that we can walk to!
  • The rooms and the quiet peace I find there.
  • A reset button, thank goodness.
  • The calm feeling I get when I hit my reset button...
  • Work going smoother....


  1. Sounds like it is going to be a great day. Seems like you are making it that way! Way to go. And just to make you smile: Go Lakers!!

  2. thanks for reminding me that I can reset at any moment - i have to choose to do so