"We were powerless over alcohol..." AA First step.

In the midst of all our teachings, religion, AA, spirituality, whatever you call it, there is always "WE". The fact that we all are really one dates back to the teachings of Jesus. Whether you find Him a prophet, the Son of God, or just a really smart Man, His teachings all are summed up with one thing...WE. Even in the Lord's prayer He says..."Our Father"...not My Father, Your Father, Christians Father, Muslims excluded, not Buddha's Father..you get the point.

This very simple principle, which is that We are all connected, is the foundation of sobriety, and of personal change. We can stay sober, I cannot. "We shall overcome".."We the People"....are you seeing the pattern? Do unto others as you would have others do to you. Very simple things, yet so misunderstood in life.

Each day we ask what we can do for someone else, rarely in spirituality, the program, or just plain good living are we asked to do selfish things...we are asked how to make the group better, or by helping others we grow. Humans are pack animals, isolation is not natural, however as alcoholics we have made it an art. I mean lets be honest, even when we isolated and drank, eventually we still drunk dialed someone and told them how much we loved/hated/missed/wanted them...right?

We must stay a WE. If not this program will not work, nor will our change and growth...we shall remain isolated and alone, and that is not what our Higher Power wants for us, or what WE want for ourselves.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My "WE" around me...
  • ...the program working deep within me.
  • God guiding me to things that I don't fully understand...
  • ....and trusting Him.

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  1. I forgot about my drunk dialing, and you're right it always came from the lonliest of places. Thanks for including me