This disease will kill us...

I just learned of someone with this disease that litterally drank himself to death. It is really sad. I didn't know this person very well, however I know his story. We are one drink away from giving it all back. Everything that we ever wanted or received from sobriety is just one drink away for us.

I am sad for this person, even though I didnt know him personally. I am sad because it is so simple if you just accept what you are. An alcoholic. Accept and live in the solution and you will live a full rich life. There will be problems, however, they are nothing compared to what the bottle will do to us.

Today I am grateful for:
  • One day reprieve.
  • Trying to live in integrity, and getting more and more success.
  • Knowing that I am a drink away from losing A LOT!!
  • God reminding me everyday what I need to do.

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