What do I bring to the table...

They are so complicated, relationships, that we always seem to be asking ourselves how they can get better. Most of the time we answer, well she/he can do this or that. The reality is what do we bring to the table In any given situation, work, home, school, friendships, etc we can ask ourselves what we are really bringing to the table in that relationship. Is it love, kindness, acceptance, service? Or is it hate,bitterness, torment, mean spirit, sarcasm etc.

The reality is that it probably lies somewhere in between In my recovery, I often ask myself, what I am bringing to this problem or solution. That is the only way to truly uncover my motives and what I need for the relationship to grow..

Today I am grateful for:
  • A new sober day.
  • Not as tired as I was earlier.
  • A busy job today.
  • God helping me......

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