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"As an alcoholic my first response is immediate, excessive and inappropriate." O.B-Meeting 2/08/10

When I am in my disease, drinking or not, my mouth is like Forrest Gump. IT IS RUNNIN! I can hardly stop it, let alone control what comes out of it. I loved this quote I heard at a meeting yesterday. It is SO ME to the T. Whenever something or someone had an action, I had an opinion. It was over the top and not really nice most of the time.

Today in sobriety, I can monitor what I say, by doing one simple thing. Pause. I hear often that God is standing next to me, one hand over my shoulder and one hand over my mouth. It is so true that my "ism" is in full effect when I cannot pause and take a moment to reflect. If I can reflect 9 times out of 10 I choose the contrary action to what my first response would have been...that is the beauty of my program today.

I do not have to react to people, places and things, and when I do, my action can be well thought out and have the best results possible. I practice this a lot with work e--mails...sometimes I can not even respond for 24 hours, but that is for the best...trust me.

Today I am grateful for:
  • The sun shining, this rain has got me a little down.
  • Being able to go to 2 meetings yesterday and resetting.
  • Worrying less and less.
  • Letting go and Letting God.

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