"I am happy not because I am an alcoholic but because I know that I am an alcoholic. Today I can be what I was meant to be, rather than the "fake" that I was becoming." Fr. Leo

I learn today that acceptance of everything is what I need. I can't change people places and things, and until I realize that, my disease, whatever it is, will continue to grow and control me. This principal is simple, yet so complex. If we in the world were to follow this simple rule, all of us would lead more serene lives.

Today I am grateful:
  • For a good morning meeting.
  • My wife getting a good night sleep, and feeling better.
  • My daughter and her excitement for her gymnastics class, if I was not sober I would not see this happiness.
  • Accepting that for today I cant drink...
  • ...and that is ok...

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