Stay on my side...

"It wasn't what people thought about me that bothered me, it was what I thought they thought about me..." Mike-AA meeting.

My sponsor told me, it doesn't matter what people think about you, that is none of your business. I have a REALLY hard time with this one...my ego thinks that if someone in a crowd of 1,000 turns and whispers something to their friend, they must be talking about me...this is a fact with all alcoholics. We think we are unique and the center of the universe.

For me I must stay on my side of the street, even when I think it better to cross. Getting involved in others business, whether I think it is noble or not, MUST BE AVOIDED. There is a situation at work, which I want to dive in head first, but I MUST NOT. I can pause and remember how shallow the pool is, and what happens when I dive in head first. I get HURT.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Another day sober, and another morning waking up clear.
  • My wife being my sounding board this morning, and I trusting her.
  • Another alcoholic calling me and leaving a message this morning, great way to start a day.
  • Loving myself little by little...
  • God helping me by protecting me from any "big deals" now...helping me as he always has...
  • ...and me finally realizing it.

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