Giving to get...

In Step 12 it is told that we must give freely what we have in order to stay sober. In life it is the same. We must freely give our love to receive love. I have found in the past few days that when I can give away my love I seem to get it without condition. That is the greatest gift. I am way away from step 12, but I can try and practice giving without the condition of receiving something. I always know that when I give and help, without expectation, I can receive what my Higher Power wants me to have.

It is a struggle sometimes to stay sober, and I pray that, just for today, I can listen to my higher power and He can have my weaknesses.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Having set-up my home office it is working out well.
  • The motivation and ability to work out, some people are unable and for that I am grateful.
  • My daughter and her smile every morning.
  • God doing for me...
  • An early meeting to keep my head straight.

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