To remove..

"Were entirely ready to let God remove these defects of character" Step 6 (paraphrase)
Remove, Definition by dictionary.com
"..to remove from a place or position.."

I heard at a meeting that the definition of remove is to distance oneself from. That we need to distance ourselves from our character defects and then our Higher Power will then insert himself between us...without that distance, our HP cannot do anything for us. I thought this interesting...it is not as if we can kill or get rid of our character defects, they are a part of us. However, in working our program to the best of our ability we can distance ourselves from them and from our reactions to them. They exist but we are so far "removed" from them that we do not let them ruin our lives, or our sobriety.
It is like Australia. I know it is there, but I am so far removed from it, that I cannot be affected by it....weird analogy I know, but the point is made. The more we remove ourselves from our defects, the more room we create for God to get in between us and them...the more we create the healing process for God.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Waking up a little more refreshed than the past nights.
  • My wife and her funny little quirks that I enjoy while sober and that bother me when I am not in recovery.
  • Spending time this morning working on myself.
  • Finding a meeting at noon today that I can go to for the first time...
  • Me changing instead of my sobriety date changing!!

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