Two things...

At a meeting last night a person got up and shared only 2 things:
  1. Sobriety is not a punishment.
  2. If you don't change, your sobriety date will.
I was fascinated by this, and frankly had never heard this before. How simple it was, yet how hard. It seems that every time I want to over complicate recovery, someone helps me by putting things into perspective. I so often feel like God is punishing me by giving me this disease. It is not a punishment, it is meant for me to grow and change to become better one of His children. I cannot believe that my struggles are meant for me to fail, only to become closer to Him and His way.

I have been struggling with change, and sometimes that has made my sobriety date change. As an addict I don't want things to change, let them be...but how is that working for me? Misery, guilt, remorse, shame...who wants to hold onto these things? An addict that is who.

Today I am grateful for:
  • A friend to go to a meeting with last night.
  • Treating my disease today.
  • The way my body feels when I take care of it...
  • My daughter and her smile...

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