Excuse the absence...

Took a little time off, between life and life, the blog suffered. And frankly so did I. I think the most important thing to achieve in life is balance. In recovery we see we can even be out of balance on good things too...too many meetings, not paying attention to other things. This can happen in every aspect of life if we are not careful.
Another thing I am struggling with is TRUST in my higher power. It seems strange that I can trust so many evil things, drinking, gambling, etc...to bring me happiness, but the one thing that truly can take this away from me is my Higher Power.
I laugh at the notion I can do this all by myself. It truly is a feat to be in recovery and take this sickness away. There is not a person who suffers from this disease that will tell you that it will rip your soul out if you let it....truly....
I am grateful for my balance that is coming to my life..

Today I am grateful for:
  • My wife and daughter and how much fun we had this weekend.
  • My time alone this morning as I worked out to reflect and see changes I need to make.
  • Honesty taking over my mind, even when the fucked up thoughts try to creep in.
  • Inventory and the process starting for me.

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