Loving yourself...

At a meeting this morning, we talked about loving ourselves....if we cant do that we cannot recover...A lot depends on us trying to figure out how we can survive without alcohol. This can happen. We can survive in our world even though we don't think we can. We needed alcohol so much, to a fault. We thought that we needed to survive with the drink....the truth is we could not survive with the drink...only without it. How much of our ego depends on us drinking. How much depends on us trying to figure out what we can do and what we cannot do in sobriety. I pray that I can figure that out...

Today I am grateful for:

  • My meeting.
  • My sobriety for the day.
  • Daily reprieve each day...and an ability to overcome that.
  • God doing for me..

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  1. I really have tried to control myself..but I can't! Although your post is so good and meaningful...the title brings out my 12 yr old boy!! Love love!