Center of the universe...

Today I found myself falling into a pattern that can be dangerous to us alcoholics. Its something we all do and even more so the alcoholic. I was at work and had just had a conversation with my boss when another senior manager went into his office. I had a conversation with this senior manager earlier and thought nothing of it. However, when the door closed I immediately had my head spinning. Are they talking about me? What did I do? How can I interrupt and not be rude and hope to hear what they are talking about? Oh this is it I must be in trouble...WOW...how sick is that. All of our thinking can lead us to this, and in the drinking days I would have worried myself right to a bar. Well I still don't know what they talked about, but I can guarantee you it wasn't about me. I just thought it was. It goes back to keeping my side of the street clean and then I can deal with just about anything that comes my way. Its odd for me to try and think this way and break the pattern that I have created since I was a child. Just for an FYI to all you reading this the universe DOES NOT revolve around me. Even though I think it does.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My wife and I being able to work out daycare where neither one of us has to take a full day off while our daughters daycare is on vacation.
  • Waking up and not coming to...
  • The beauty of the summer.
  • Making my favorite meetings this weekend, I was not able to go last week.
  • God doing for me...

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  1. I know when I keep myself healthy and focus on being the best person I can be, this idea of people thinking and talking about me subsides. I don't care what's growing in their garden, I only care what is growing in mine.