Standing in my own way....

Often in life, I limit myself. I feel that I am less than or that I can't accomplish something that I set my mind to...this is a real part of my disease. I try to learn everyday that I can be good, I can be the person that I was intended to be. Despite my disease and addiction I am a child of God. My Higher Power wants me to be happy and healthy. I heard someone say "God doesn't have any grandchildren." I am a direct product of a divine being and for that I try and be grateful. My disease does not define me, and I feel that I have been letting it define me for several years now. I am trying to let go and not be in control, and to understand that the disease does NOT define me. I define me, my goodness defines me and My Higher Power has created me to be more than an alcoholic. This is just part of the path that I trudge. Along with a lot of other people!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Friday and getting some work done outside this morning.
  • The happiness I am feeling towards being a father.
  • My program always evolving so that I can be better, and understand it better.
  • God doing for me...

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