Courage to change the things I can..

In my program its always hard to know what I can change and what I cant. The reality is that the courage I need to change is simply this...do what the program tells me. Read, pray, meditate, call others, be of service. These are the things that I can do to change. It does take courage because that is so NOT me. I want to change everything by force or change things that cant be changed. Its a matter of acceptance for me, realizing that the courage I need to pick up the phone and talk to another member of AA is a lot more than the courage of picking up a drink.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Getting to a meeting tonight, its my first time at this one and I am excited to see what it is about.
  • Feeling more energy throughout the day.
  • Discovering that one day at a time can work.
  • My daughter's funny antics...
  • God doing for me.....

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  1. I love that last sentence of your post, the courage of picking up the telephone.