Life on Life's terms..

As an alcoholic it seems like everything is surrounded by recovery. How to act, feel, react, not feel etc. It all seems to revolve around being sober. Its almost like a job at first. The more I do it and choose the right decision the more it becomes like a lifestyle and not a job. Things will come more instinctively than before and my old thought process will change and so will my actions. That is why life has become so much more manageable. Sometimes I just have to look at a situation and say, I cant control that, I don't have the power to control it and I don't want the power to control it! That is where serenity comes into play.

Today I am grateful for:
  • The exciting weekend with my daughter and mom.
  • Slowly slowly coming to believe.
  • My mom coming down and the ability to connect with her, even though we have years of alcoholic behavior.
  • The program.
  • God doing for me...

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