Often people say that they are willing to do things, and for me that is exactly the opposite. In my program to become willing to listen, and do what I am told is completely foreign to me. I am full of ego and pride and there is no way that you of all people know better than me. Normal people can take suggestions and change behavior as they see fit. For me, the alcoholic, I take a suggestion to mean that you are criticising me...and that is bad. The more I learn not to take suggestions from other alcoholics as maybe they know what they are talking about, maybe then I can "get" it.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My Saturday meeting and the great presence felt there.
  • My wife doing all our laundry yesterday, it makes the weekend more fun.
  • My daughter running to me when I come home, and that I come home now. Sometimes I didn't....
  • God doing for me...

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