Given Freely...

In the program we all talk about giving freely, but who does this more than our Higher Power? Every time I fail as a person or disappoint, I know that God is still there. He listens and will be there for me no matter what. I feel like this is what we, as alcoholics, need to do. Listen and be there for others no matter what. I know we all must be guarded and use common sense when dealing with drunks, but really sometimes we just need to give freely what we have been given. Love, acceptance, peace, teachings. It all comes with just enough for us all to give to others...I hope I can give this freely to all, that my love might be shown with these gifts..

Today I am grateful for:
  • Not listening to my body and head this morning and staying in bed...it felt great to really get up early and work out.
  • Getting the right size shoes!!!
  • Working thru a problem with my wife and finding the best solution was hers, its rare I can do that.
  • God still doing for me, even when I am stubborn as a mule...
  • My still small voice that seems to be coming back, telling me right from wrong...

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