I hear in the rooms "God is standing next to me with his arm around my shoulders and a hand over my mouth". So many times I have wanted to say things and mostly I did...now in sobriety I need to check what I am saying. It is one thing to try and not take others inventory, but sometimes it is just hard to not react with anger or contempt to a situation. That type of reaction will always give me NOTHING I need in life. IT is better to wait, calm down and try and deal with the person, place or thing without coming from emotion or control. As I practice this in my affairs I get better and better at reading how people react to this change. I pray that I might become better at this each day, thinking and reacting with restraint.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Closer to the weekend.
  • My wife's birthday which should be fun.
  • My obsession coming but when it does I know what to do.
  • Trying to become closer to my Higher Power.
  • God doing for me...and progress not perfection.

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