I feel sometimes while I trudge this road that I will never be fully able to forgive myself for some of the things I have done. While it is true that every alcoholic has done some crazy things, most seem to be able to move past that and get better. I am having serious doubts that I can overcome the guilt I have. The shame I have. That is why I have to let my Higher Power work miracles in me. I said something at a meeting on Saturday that I really mean. I am not as Good as I think I am, and I am not as Bad as I think I am either. I hope that my Higher Power can work within me and take away this guilt, and this obsession.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Feeling energy for a great week ahead.
  • My desire to change my body and become more healthy.
  • My family and the fun we had this weekend.
  • God doing for me....

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  1. I heard someone say once that if we BELIEVED that God really loves us, our problems would be over. How difficult it is to accept ourselves when we cannot envision ourselves as lovable. Thankfully we have been given today to keep trying to learn acceptance.