Health and Freedom

My alcoholism has taken me to depths of despair I never would have known...but it has also taken me places to learn things I never would have learned. It is strange how even the hardest lessons can be appreciated given time. My patience was tried today with some work things, and I think I am going to just accept it and move on...that is the only thing I can do..

On a related note I started a personal fitness regiment today, and I just had to accept the weight I am as a starting point and try not to make excuses. I am handling this like my alcoholism...one day at a time...just trying to manage to hold it all together...its tough but I am trying...

Today I am grateful for:
  • Having the smarts to keep my mouth shut at my job when I know I would be in trouble if I didn't.
  • Learning to be QUIET. Trying to learn to let others speak.
  • The calm of the house as I type this.
  • Learning more and more each day to trust...God, myself and others..
  • Being right where I am supposed to be...

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