Self seeking motives..

In recovery I still find my mind seeking my self, something that makes me feel better. Since its not alcohol, it often is food or isolation or something else that still is self seeking. When the program starts to change us, we find our time and desires become more than self serving, they become selfless...I hope that the more I walk this road the more my desire to "quash" my feelings with whatever "escape" I might desire can be replaced with service to others or helping my spiritual malady.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My Saturday meeting on relationships, it always helps me to look at how I react.
  • A night alone with my wife, I am excited about our date.
  • That I still can laugh and have a sense of humor when I am sober.
  • God doing for me...and progress rather than perfection!!

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  1. Dunno if I will ever be able to not pursue things that alter my feelings, but it gets to be less often and a lot less dangerous things that do the trick.