Letting Go....

To really beat this disease and CHANGE, I need to let it go to my Higher Power. God, as I believe, wants me to be happy and healthy. The struggles we are given must happen in order to learn and to change. For some reason I am hard wired to LOVE alcohol and the effect that it gives me. The program and thought process that I need to be a better person is a software that I must install in my brain. To do that, I must turn it over to my Higher Power and really trust that I can change. I have tried so many times to force change and not accept what was given to me, I am learning that as I accept my path, the path opens up and gets easier. I can love myself and have an easier path as long as I accept where I am going. I am not the leader here....and boy that is TOUGH to learn.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My favorite meeting tonight, the sobriety is great and the shares are honest.
  • Being honest today.
  • Work moving forward.
  • A little break from work soon, I could use some time away.
  • God doing for me....

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