Personal Inventory

As I am in the middle of my fourth step, which is an accounting of my drinking days and what not, I often forget that we need to take personal inventory each day. If I do that each night I can make this progress a living breathing entity instead of something that is only dealing with the "drinking past". Each day before I go to bed, I should think of what I did that day that I can do better, or what I did that was good. How to improve, how to be more of service. Did I offend anyone (probably) or was I dishonest. The best way to improve ourselves is to continually right our wrongs on a daily basis, not just the events from our drinking past.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Personal inventory.
  • Taking steps to become healthier, both mentally and physically.
  • A job that keeps my family under a roof.
  • Morning prayers, righting my wrongs.
  • God trying to do for me, even when I don't want Him to!!!!!!!

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