Each day I awake I say, I am an alcoholic. Throughout the day the disease does a million things to tell me I am not. If I am busy with work, or starting a project of things are going good, the disease tells me all is ok...you can beat this and you are not an alcoholic. The truth is no matter how much I workout, work on projects or get new ideas, I am still a drunk. The disease is cunning baffling and powerful. There is no difference in me and the skid row bum, the only thing that separates me from that is one last drink.

I know this in my heart, but my head sometimes gets in the way...BIG TIME!!! I am glad for my daily reprieve and no matter what happens in my head, I have identified as an alcoholic, and frankly you cant unindentify!!! Each day is new and can help me to be better in my recovery!!!

Today I am grateful for:
  • My Saturday meeting, there are some great people there.
  • My wife and daughter and finding something to do today!
  • The vacation that we are going to plan today.
  • God accepting me and my flaws....
  • Progress rather than perfection if I needed to be a perfect sober person I never would make it.

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