Expect Miracles...

In the program we are told to expect miracles. For me I never understood that. I think this time around I am trying to grasp at any little thing I can, and I am expecting miracles. My life has been full of them already, my Higher Power has always wanted me to succeed. It is a miracle that I am even alive given some of the things that have happened. It is a miracle that we have our daughter, and that has helped me so much. When I am in a meeting and I look around I see all the miracles that my Higher Power has made around me. I see people who can become anything they want, that come from places I cant even imagine. Little things make me think about miracles now, things that other people would call coincidence. Things that might just be chances in others minds are events that my Higher Power controls. Meeting a new sponsor, moving to meetings that I hear about that I end up loving, working closer to meetings. These are all things that are keeping me in the right directions. I pray today to take advantage of these miracles. To recognize them when my Higher Power makes them available.

Today I am grateful.....
  • For the miracle of my family and them staying with me.
  • That my side of the street is being cleaned.
  • Knowing there are several meetings I can attend today.
  • It seems my health is good and I am feeling stronger day by day.
  • Realizing I am POWERLESS.


  1. Jason, what a great post! It really sounds like you were able to see so much good today! I need more reminders to look for the good!

  2. It gets so much easier when we can relax into it. Keep it up!