Patience is a virtue...WHAT? HUH?

Saturday is my favorite meeting day. I get to go to a closed meeting that talks about relationships in sobriety. On a separate note, I love closed meetings. I feel I can open up more, and sometimes just feel like everyone there is truly struggling, not mandated by the court..anyways. The speaker today spoke of her "impatience" when something happens in a relationship. Her example was something her boss did, and as soon as she read the email she rushed into her boss' office. At that moment an assistant came in and started a conversation, so the speaker couldn't lay into her boss as she wanted. The moral was that even in sobriety, we need to be patient, and not to react instantly to what happens around us. Life on life's terms. I so often, in sobriety and active drinking moved too quickly. I had a sponsor that used to say, "Slow down." My speech, my thoughts, my actions, the way I eat, everything. I used to move at the speed of light in reacting to ALL situations...and frankly I still do. I need to listen more to my sponsor. To slow down in life, to asses situations. The speaker today spoke of letting our Higher Power create the situations that we can properly react. If we are patient and we really listen, our Higher Power will open the door to making a good and healthy reaction. The snap judgements I make are never good, whether in or out of sobriety. I pray that I can really learn that. I pray that I can stop and listen with my heart. That I can move slower today than I did when I was insane "in" my disease.

I am grateful today for:
  • My favorite meeting.
  • The look on my daughters face when she saw me today at the pier.
  • The good weather for my sister in law's visit with her kids.
  • Slowing down.


  1. I fine the texture of life so much fuller and interesting when I slow down. Serenity for me often depends on moving slowly. I get so screwed up when I rush. It really is against my character.

  2. This is a very moving post. I often run through life only later to realize I have missed out on so many important simple beautiful things. Thank you for the reminder. I wonder if I pray to slow down what changes will occur in my life?