Spinning out of control

Even when I don't drink my thoughts can spin out of control. I heard at a meeting once that alcoholics imagine the worst things that never even happened. That is me to a T. False Evidence Appearing Real. That is what fear is to me. It happened on Saturday. Something went awry with a project and immediately my mind jumped to the worst possible situation. Then I proceeded to act on those thoughts...wow...I had to go outside and take a walk and understand that I need to let Go and LET GOD!!! The farther away from the drink I get, the more I realize that my head needs healing too!!! The road seems to get longer daily, not shorter! I guess that is why it is one day at a time!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Catching up with an old friend in the program when my thoughts turned left on me.
  • My sponsor calling me back when he did.
  • The ability to sleep well last night.
  • Knowing that dinner will be done when I get home, the crock pot is the best.

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you posting again. You are making breakthroughs.

    This reminds me of a favorite saying: The worst things in my life never happened.