Meeting TIME!!

I heard from a friend once that there are two times you should go to a meeting, when you want to and when you don't. Good advice. As I look back on my struggles, the common theme when it comes to relapse is NOT GOING TO MEETINGS! It sounds so simple right? It sounds so easy? It is not. For me I always make an excuse. I must not let myself feel that "I am all right, I don't need a meeting." I am learning that maybe not at that second do I need a meeting, but I NEED A MEETING. I hope I can strive to make meetings more often and make them a part of my daily routine.

Today I am grateful for

  • Seeing someone turn in a five year chip for a 24 hour chip at my meeting last night, and the love and support he got.
  • The speakers humor and tenderness at my meeting last night.
  • A lazy weekend.
  • That Let Go and Let God means even more to me today than it did yesterday.


  1. It is so hard to keep this commitment with "life" getting in the way at times. But...how true it is, even for me, who is in Alanon.

  2. We get to continue to grow. To stay in action takes us away from the drink, to be stagnant takes us closer.

  3. "Just for today", I'll go to a meeting, got me thru my first 30 days. I kept telling myself I didn't have to go "tomorrow", just today.

  4. Jason thank you for sharing. Scott is wise. Either move forward or fall back, standing still never works out. Now "Let go and let God", it really is the only way.