Character defects...

I have heard that we work on whichever character defect is killing us at the moment. For me it is patience and trusting God. It is hard sometimes to "Let go and Let God" or 'Be Calm God takes care of it" when things seem to be so giant at the time. There is no greater problem at the moment and there is no solution in the future it seems. How can I possibly be calm or quiet when every part of me wants to scream and try and control the situation. This is not possible. This is not going to do anything, to interject and always try and get MY WILL forced. I have heard someone way that no matter how good or BAD a situation is, it will change. In my alcoholic experience, I have been the one to change the situation, however, the reality is I did very little. I probably hurt the situation and did not help it.

My problems, as great as they seem to me, are not as great as some. If I have patience and trust that I will be taken care of, it shall be so. Even if it is not, a drink will not take care of it for me! Although, I used to think it would!!!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Not being hungover.
  • The time I get in the morning with my daughter.
  • A new meeting tonight, and hoping I LOVE IT.
  • The trust in God that a situation will work out as it must, there is no other way!

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  1. Thank you for that reminder - believing that it will all work out exactly as it's supposed to!