I just wanted to post today how grateful I am in this journey of recovery. Last night, I was able to sit on a panel and speak to some people in a lock down detox unit. We were able to bring a meeting to them and to see where I could be if I let this disease ruin me and my life. These people had little hope in their hearts and I hope some of my words, as well as the words of my fellow panel members, touched one of these people and they can make better choices when they get out.

I learned again last night that no matter the person, alcohol is the great equalizer. We, as alcoholics, must realize this and treat our disease accordingly.

Today I am grateful:
  • That I am not in a hospital or detox unit, as I could just as easily be there as here..
  • That my wife is supportive of my recovery efforts and we try to spend as much time together as possible..
  • That my daughter is liking her pre-school more and more.
  • That God is helping me everyday..

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