Quiet Desperation...

At a meeting this evening, a man shared that after his upteenth DUI, he walked out of jail and didn't have an answer. He was leading a life of "quiet desperation". Most all, wait, all alcoholics lead these types of lives. Walking thru life desperately trying to find something, someone that will change how we feel inside. Alcohol works best, its like an instant change of our feelings. Everyone is our friend and we are amazingly charming and witty and WOW! Yet all the while, we silently know that it will NEVER change, and it will never help us feel what we really need to feel. We need to feel ourself...we need to not live this desperate life, seeking, searching for whatever gives us our "high".

It really comes down to one thing. Are we desperate enough to change....to make real progress in our lives and really make that change for the ages. Each of us, whether alcoholic or not, has something we want to change. Being desperate is the only way to do that, desperate for change...

Today I am grateful for:
  • My desperation to change.
  • Having a job in this economy.
  • Finding new meetings in my area, and knowing if I don't like one, there are a million others!
  • Trudging the road of happy destiny and finding some of you on the same path!

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