Taking direction has always been hard for me, in and out of recovery. Even before I started drinking, there was something in me that did not want to listen. Today, I feel like I am starting to turn my will over to a Higher Power, and in truth all that means is taking direction. Whether it be from my sponsor, another alcoholic, my boss, a friend, my wife, my Higher Power or whomever, I feel that I keep an open mind and heart. That is really what this life is about. Keeping our Heart open and honest.

It makes sense to me that if our Heart is hurting emotionally, then we are not doing well. Think about it, if someone stabs you in the heart with a knife, if you don't get help ASAP you will die. Emotional hurt does the same thing to our spirit and soul. We need to heal this as soon as it happens. I do this by letting resentment go, helping others, and praying and speaking to my Higher Power. All of us, alcoholic or not, need to understand that we should take direction from others, and from our Higher Power. People who have been thru what we have understand better how to get to the other end. Sometimes if we just listen and follow direction our lives will be so much better....resisting this only makes it worse for us in the end.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My sponsor.
  • Being a little less anxious everyday.
  • My daughter, and her reaction to watching the Ocean this morning.
  • Being able to go look at the Ocean this morning, not everyone gets to do that. It is an experience of peace that nothing else can bring.
  • My Higher Power directing me and showing me Love.

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