Letting resentment go....

Today at my meeting the speaker shared of finally being able to rid herself of a resentment after 7 years. That seems like a long time, however, if you heard the story you would think that it was 100 years too soon...She told us it became like an infection that would not go away, hurting her body day after day after day. I marveled how she let it go, and how many people have to do that in this program.

What it taught me was that our healing REQUIRES us to forgive. If we don't there is not a way in the world we can heal ourselves. The goal of this program is to be happy, joyous and free. There is no way to do this if we hold on to our past, our resentments. I see people in the rooms that are bitter and hurt. They never seem to have that peace or contentment in the world around them. There is a certain air of unhappiness around them and their demeanor. On the contrary, the people who have taken inventory, forgiven and realized their part are calm, happy, joyous and free. You can sense it as you hear them share and speak to them. In and out of the rooms of AA, we all need to forgive. IT is SO hard sometimes, but most of the time we forgive for OUR souls not for another person. That is up to our Higher Power.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Being able to get our groceries...with all this moving and expenses it has been tight.
  • My daughter not throwing up anymore, I felt so bad for her.
  • My clear head today, knowing the next right move.
  • God healing my heart.

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