Keeping my side of the street clean...

This week there were a lot of trials for me to remember to stay on my side of the street, and to keep it clean. Some of the tests I passed, others I failed. However, in all of these instances, I remembered what I needed to do, I just didn't do it!!! The reality in life is that we all want to feel more than..more special than we are, more unique than we are, more important than someone else..etc...the reality is as long as my house is clean, I can invite other people over. I am not going to throw a Superbowl party and then ask you to clean my bathroom as you leave, am I? Expecting others to keep our streets or house clean is a joke. People will not, and frankly cannot, help us with our shortcomings, or insecurities. It comes from within, and from whatever Higher Power we have. Mine is God, and this week he worked with me, and is teaching me what I need to stay sober for today.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My favorite meeting and getting a hug from an old sponsor that let me know everything was ok between him and I.
  • Watching my daughter in her first gymnastics class, if I was not sober, I am not sure I would be allowed to do that, or be able to do that.
  • Looking forward to another meeting tonight and tomorrow, I have some make-ups to do in my 90 in 90.
  • God on my mind....
  • .....and I am on His....

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  1. What a nice day. To spend time with your family! What a blessing for your daughter have not only have a father who loves and cares for her...but also shows up sober. I completely know that she is blessed to have you be there for her.

    Jason, you have a real way with words. I love reading what you are thinking about...you always make me think!