Which side of the fence are we on? Where does our commitment lie in life? Are we not committed, partially committed or FULLY committed. As an alcoholic I have lived my life as partially committed, to sobriety, work or anything else. I was FULLY committed to alcohol and finding the drink. I would find any means possible to get my fix, and that was INSANITY! I find today that being half in recovery and half out, means that we are FULLY out! There is no partial anymore with me, my commitment to to be happy joyous and FREE! The only way to do that is to be a PART of AA and to fully commit to my Higher Power, whom I call GOD.

It is hard for me to write about myself being a top notch Bullshit artist. Everyone who knows me, knows this is true. This skill has really been useful to me in sales and my career. However, it has also been an absolute nightmare to use when I try to manipulate and influence things in the negative way. I used to really try to avoid realizing this character defect. Saying "No not me, I don't Bullshit, I am a man of my word" That was a bunch of malarkey. Today I am striving to be a man of my word. I hope to regain the trust of those who have no confidence in me, and I know if I stay with my program, each day I can get some back. Only in living today!

Today I am grateful for:
  • My meeting last night and the new sponsor I have.
  • Getting up early today and meeting a goal I set for myself.
  • The fun I have with my daughter in the morning.
  • God taking some of my worries today, just living in today!

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