As I try to retreat from my own insanity, I am noticing more and more that most people in the world want control things. As I learn how to let GO I see more and more people not letting go and getting so frustrated over things that they cannot change or make happen. I work with some people like this and the one thing I have learned in my program is dealing with them is almost like working a twelve step on them! I am NOT able to control their thoughts, feelings, or actions, and frankly I have stopped trying. It is remarkable to me to see the change that occurs in me when I give it up to my higher power. The world is a much calmer and safer place for me. My focus becomes a bit more "laser" as you will and I get a little happier.

Growing up around people who like to control and an environment that made me try to control everything, it is hard to break this pattern. To truly understand that I am NOT going to make things happen by my will...is the real blessing and a tangible blessing of this program.

Today I am grateful for:
  • A problem working itself out at work.
  • Having success this year at being more calm.
  • Learning how to live in my moment and not in the future or past.
  • Meetings and the people I meet there.

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