The Anger within...

Someone said at a meeting that they use anger like alcohol, when they get angry it acts like a cover up of all the emotions we mask when we drink. Fear, sadness, loneliness, etc. This is our main problem as alcoholics, covering up. I did it with everything. I didn't want anyone to see how hurt, lonely angry scared I was. I find that I do that with anger also. Instead of sitting in and dealing with my true emotion. If I just get angry, everything goes away. My fear etc is masked by my anger. Its such a vicious cycle and the only way I find myself getting better is to calm down, take a breath and try and see my part in the mess. This is why my spiritual growth is so important in the program, that will keep me grounded.

Today I am grateful for:
  • A great weekend.
  • My wife and daughter.
  • Lakers in SEVEN!!!!
  • Learning and growing.
  • 30 days...and counting.

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