I find that the more I go to the rooms, the more fellowship I feel and I love it. My favorite stag meeting was last night and I always feel so much love in these rooms...I am grateful for those feelings and for plugging away. The obsession is slowly moving away, and the further away I get from the drink the better!!!

Today I am grateful for:
  • The Fellowship.
  • The quiet in the morning before everyone wakes up, its nice to be able to read and write early.
  • Hump day!
  • God doing for me....


  1. Oh, how I love those quiet morning moments. I am lucky, it's just me and the dog so it stays pretty quiet if I want it to.

    I remember my mom and grandmother talking about the fellowship at church. They went on and on about it. I never gave it a second thought until I became familiar with the fellowship of AA. We are blessed to have it.

  2. I'm happy I read this this AM & happy to hear what you're learning.

    I need the reminders to take the quiet time & that God is certainly doing for me all I can't do for myself, he proves it everyday I don't pick up a drink.