When all else fails we have our hope...I heard this once a long time ago and didn't really understand it. There is all sorts of hope for us in recovery. The hope I had while drinking is "I hope I don't get caught..I hope I have enough money..I hope I don't see so and so.." This is so different today. I hope for the future and have a pure hope. A hope that is real, a hope that will take me to places only dreamt of before. Over 40 days of recovery, real recovery, and I am starting to finally feel centered. Or at least for today....

Today I am grateful:
  • My wife understands my meeting schedule. Its hard for her because real recovery takes so much time. I am glad for that...
  • My alone time with my daughter to help build our relationship, she is such a momma's girl!!
  • My first time speaking tonight. Its a double winners meeting (Al Anon and AA). I am nervous but I trust.
  • Not being hungover on a Sunday.


  1. I love Sundays now that I am not hungover!

  2. God...so many things I can totally relate to. "Hope I have enough money for this bar tab, I hope I don't run into ______." Experiencing Sunday without a hangover is such an amazing feeling. Keep up the good work!