God within me...

In Twenty Four Hours a day this morning, I read about God (or Higher Power whichever you choose) being in all of us. Seeing what no one else, not even ourselves sometimes, can see. It is comforting to know that I am changing and growing closer to my Higher Power. The change that I am feeling is real and I need to understand that. I called a fellow AA'er yesterday when I was feeling shifty and he said to me something that I really understand. He said "The Buddhist say 'You are what you speak'" Truer words have never been spoken. We were talking about how I have a chronic cycle and like every 25 to 90 days I relapse. He told me to stop saying that. Live today (of course) and don't vocalize those words.
I hope my Higher Power sees things that I don't even see yet. Things that can make me change and grow to be the best I can. Is it possible that the greatest dreams I had early in my life can now come true? I am starting to believe it..

Today I am Grateful for:
  • A friend who started a workout blog and inspired me to get in the gym again. I am attacking it like a twelve step program. " I only have to go to the gym today, only workout today!" That cracks me up, but you know its working.
  • Wakin up refreshed and anxiety free.
  • The week flying by for me.
  • The love of the program.
  • When my daughter says Mommy, it makes my wife so happy....

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  1. I treat the gym the same way & such a difference.

    I like what your friend had to say about 'being what you speak' it's so true.

    I love that God subtly shifts my focus so that I see possibility & hope where as before I didn't