Random Fridays...Suiting up...

I thought I would start something called random Fridays. I am just going to write about things, maybe recovery, maybe not. Just what I am feeling inside and how I am dealing with things. Like checking in at a meeting, you don't have to stay on topic, just checking in with fellow drunks.
I just finished reading "Tweak" by Nic Scheff and I gotta say I wasn't impressed. This guys story is like so many others I have heard in the room, and frankly I didn't get it. Why is this guy on the bestseller list? I should publish my journal and maybe I can make some money. Also, his attitude in the book is horrible. I knew he was going to relapse when I was reading. What did he expect when he went to live with a CODA girlfriend who used? He was going to stay clean? Then he got clean, and then in the afterword he was living in Georgia clean, then in the prologue he had relapsed, but "not on meth, just prescription pills." Oh that makes it better. Then he starts a blog and maybe writes 10 times or less. Then its "I'm stopping this blog thing to go find myself in Portland, I am so over LA." Whatever dude, I would rather hear stories in the rooms about people who have MUCH worse problems and are facing them. I don't know why I am so heated over this guy? Maybe I see myself in him and am lashing out. I mean lets be honest, I relapse way more than him. Maybe I am projecting my hatred for myself on to him. I don't know. Wow that felt good. One good thing though is it reminded my I needed to buy Emmit Fox's "Sermon on the Mount". I had heard about it in the rooms but forgot about it, and he talks about it in the book. Some good things do come from shit I guess.
I am going to write him a letter or something. Or maybe I just did?

Today I am grateful for:
  • Fantastical Friday. I get to go to a movie, something I really love to do and has become something to help me with my sobriety. It takes time away from thinking about hitting the bar.
  • Finally getting to sleep last night.
  • My body getting its bearings finally.
  • Having a clean shirt for work, when I thought I was all out.
  • Safely arriving at work, the drivers were insane today.

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  1. I so get this! I love to read and read all the time. What I love in a book is when the author grabs me and makes me want to be better! Someone who did it and shows me that I can do it to! Clean clothes make me so happy almost as much as when you find a five dollar bill in the pocket!