Half Measures

"Half measures availed us nothing." Pg. 59 Alcoholics Anonymous

Today at my meeting the speaker talked about how he "half measured life" till he got into the program. How he would run over a bed of roses just to park faster. This is so true in my life. I have done so many things half assed and gotten away with it. School, work, relationships, sobriety, almost everything in my life I have done that way. It was easy for some things to get away with it, like school, I always could just get by without doing too much. Work, same thing. As for sobriety, when I did half measures I relapsed. This program is not a half measures program. I have decided in my life its full or nothing. To commit to something completely is the only way that this program can work. Frankly, it is the only way for life to work for the alcoholic. If we don't find the determination to work the program completely, we find ourselves on the outside looking in.

Today I am Grateful:
  • The speaker this morning and how he touch me with his story.
  • The trust of my wife as she went out of town.
  • The ability to go to as many meetings that I can today, my own "meeting marathon"
  • My tooth feeling so much better and not having to use drugs to numb the pain.
  • Progress rather than perfection.

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