Random Fridays..Suiting Up...

Just checking in...the week was weird, I don't know that I would want this kind of week all the time. I didn't really work, had some meetings out of LA area that kept me away from the family and meetings for a couple days. Then went to the dentist and that has kept me grounded for a couple days. Finally get to see my sponsor tomorrow and go to my favorite meeting. Anyways, my head really didn't get away from me that much, and when it did I was able to call someone. I need to get connected again. My wife is going out of town for a day or so and taking the daughter to visit a friend. Maybe I will plan a marathon Saturday meeting day. Just going from one meeting to another till the Laker game starts. This could be the start of something cool...I will keep you informed...

Today I am Grateful:
  • That I only needed Advil for the pain today, the codeine Tylenol was there but I didn't need it.
  • The 3 day weekend ahead.
  • My brilliant plan of a mini meeting marathon tomorrow. Lets see if it works.
  • My family night tonight...

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  1. I bet that brilliant plan of a mini meeting marathon will keep you sober!