Growing or going...

In my meeting today the speaker shared that "you re either growing or going.." The problem with me is that all the times before I didn't understand the action of this program. Getting in the middle of the Herd as they say. Doing service for others, helping the less fortunate and really showing up and suiting up. I learned that I cannot and will not survive without others in this program. It felt really good this morning to be surrounded by other alcoholics because I felt alone for the last couple days. As we all know isolation and feeling alone all lead to drinking. The beauty of the program is that we don't have to be alone ever. I know there are people out there that I don't even know in the program that would sit and talk to me if I asked. I hope that I can do that for others too...
On a separate note, I was a little heated this last 24 hours, and I feel like my Friday post was not very nice. I left it up because that is where I was, and that is really what I was feeling. But I need to recognize that I was upset, and the reason for it. Thanks for following me.

Today I am Grateful for:
  • The reset button I have in life, whether I have to hit it everyday or every hour it is there.
  • The fun Saturday we have planned.
  • An honest share and stories from other drunks this morning.
  • My sponsor helping me to get grounded, even though he is going through some major shit...
  • The calm feeling I have now today, even though this morning didn't start off that way.
  • LOVE.

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