One More day...

Today was awesome to see some things actually happening in sobriety. I avoided the dentist like the plague while I was drinking, I mean who didn't? Right? Anyways I have had a "dead" tooth for about years, only having had it treated once. Well, I finally confronted that Demon and voila I am now sitting here with an extracted tooth, and I am still alive. Well check one on my 5 year to do list. The other one is taxes from 2003 for the state of California. Well, not wanting to avoid anything anymore I finally got a hold of someone and fixed that too, started a restitution plan and there you have it. The promises are coming "sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly...." I got out of my routine and it got in my head. My sponsor told me that we alcoholics need our routine especially in early sobriety, so back to the routine, I cant get out of it, it seems to start the radio in my head....
Today I am Grateful for:
  • Finally resolving the tax thing and the dentist all in the same day.
  • Seeing my family again.
  • Getting back into the routine at work.
  • Not being so afraid anymore.


  1. Thats all around a great day! By the way I HATE the dentist! I think only crazy people enjoy going!!!

  2. Just had to add that knowing the 2 "t's" totally takes away from the humor on FB! Darn it all!!! It was so much funnier when I thought you were just freaking out at the dentist! I am really glad that you are crossing stuff of the list!