Help Me Help You!!

As a newcomer I sometimes get absorbed in what can the meeting do for me. The real question is what can I do for the meeting/group. There is always someone with less time than me, more that not, at the meetings I am at. I have found that I don't go up to them to talk and fellowship. I find my voice in my head saying, "what do you know, you cant possibly help that person". Well the truth is I can, and the truth is that if I don't try and help those people I am going to drink again. So I have made a commitment that if there is someone with less than my time, I am going to talk to them. Maybe it will be easier for me to relate to them not being so far from the drink. I hope I can help them.
Today I am grateful for:
  • Everyone being safe after that earthquake last night, gotta love California.
  • My daughters smile.
  • A brisk Monday, where I fell full of energy and not slow from a weekend binge.
  • Closer to some promises, and working towards others.
  • Being reconnected with my sponsor after his oral surgery. Ouch...


  1. Thank you for reminding me of my primary purpose, I speak at a meeting on Monday and always get SO wrapped up in 'what to say' rather than 'be of service'

  2. It's true that I need to be able to see what I can bring to the meeting, but the meeting is there for me, too. I have to balance between the two.